Hotel Monte Cervino

The hotel born in 1930 from the dream of Alessandro Favre, the great-grandfather, and has been managed by our family for four generations now.

The garden

The first “room” of the hotel that will welcome you will be the garden. A domestic oasis protected by age-old woods, it will lull you to sleep, soothe worries, and will be the backdrop for happy and serene moments. Furnished with tables and deck chairs in the area closest to the building, free to run in the southern space, equipped with table tennis, bowling green, basket ball, slide and swings in the sports area.

A thousand places, one place

The architectural canons of the early 20th century characterize the ground floor which has remained faithful to the original build. Far from modern open spaces will be revealed little by little: its sumptuous dining room with paneled ceiling, wallpaper and windows on three sides that bathe everything in green or white depending on the season; the central staircase with wrought iron railing of the time entirely handmade; the bar with the original larch parquet, the fireplace and piano room, the library with a view of the glacier. Reading a book or having a drink has never been so pleasant. The only inconvenience, we often find our customers dozing off on the sofa in front of the fireplace… but we have never disturbed them.


“Thousands of tired, stressed and all too “civilized” people are beginning to understand that going to the mountains is like going home and that pristine nature is not a luxury but a necessity.”
(John Muir 1838-1914)

We have been here for 100 years to offer you this warmth and welcome to be able to experience with us the beauty of the garden in which we were born.
We believe that man is part of Nature and that he should not live in an antagonistic or exploitative way with it. We try to inhabit this corner of the large garden and offer hospitality by doing as little harm as possible.

For years our commitment has been to: reduce food and energy waste. Encourage frequenting the ethical mountains, first of all by producing the least amount of waste possible, by walking or using the highly efficient local public transport system. Buy local raw materials to promote the local economy and eat healthy.
These choices give life to a real product, not a standard product. We need to share this philosophy with you because what we offer you is not perfect, but it is healthy and true like us. We are all pleased to meet you.

Living the Mountain
“The human being lives in the city, eats without hunger and drinks without thirst, gets tired without the body struggling, runs after his time without ever reaching it. It is a being imprisoned, a prison without borders from which it is almost impossible to escape. Some human beings, however, sometimes need to take back their lives, to find a master road. Not everyone tries, few succeed”
Walter Bonatti